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How might we help you to accomplish your goals?

Our Vision

The Value of your Brand is our Goal.

Our Mission and Aim

Our passion is to develop a link between the individual and business success. 

Our aim is to educate both companies and individuals with the ability to create, design and market their Brand, through unique programmes, which will provide impetus and substance as well as direction.

SUCCESS is not acquired by inheritance:  it’s achieved by Belief, Vision, Purpose, Design, Values, Energy, Passion, Innovation and Continuous Growth.

We will Focus on

   the value of your Brand and its experience

   culture, key elements, philosophies 

   real-life designs to develop your genuine Brand

   that which sets you apart from others

The Agency

Deep Vision is a Sydney

based image Branding & lifestyle agency, specialising in a unique form of  4B bespoke personal  Brand development and

management which help businesses and individuals build their Brands and  leverage them as growing business assets.

The Director, Hana Guenzl is the founder of the 4B Branding model: Be - Become - Belong - Bond ™.    And has developed programmes which serve as a practical hands-on guide to image Branding that will help you to discover your key differentiator to stand out.


Deep Vision has provided services to companies in both the B2C and B2B markets on a national and global level.

Deep Vision’s  4B Branding Model was used for these case studies:


McGrath Foundation Charity Event


Prestige Fine Fashion Trade Fair


Do you want to position yourself as an expert, a valuable resource in your industry?

Do you want to enter an era of collaboration and information-sharing and transparency in the workplace?

Do you want to be a master at creating meaningful experiences?

- And What Else Is Your Challenge -

Be Original and Profit from the Value of Your Personal Brand

“You’ve got to be original.  If you’re like everybody else, what do they need you for?”  - Bernadette Peters

Unlock Your Potential

“Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.”   - Sir Winston Churchill

Your Brand personality is the differentiator for you to stand out.  What makes you unique - How do you express your uniqueness - What is your ROI - How do you build your reputation and trust so that people recognise; what makes you valuable to THEM.

Is 4 B personal Branding for you?

Career - YES, because it unlocks your full potential.   You become the CEO of the Brand YOU and manage your career as a business.

Business - YES, because a Brand is based on emotions and people relate emotionally to a human being not to a company logo or a business name.


Because, a Brand is defined by its experience and impression, how it is received and perceived:  the image and reputation that forms in people’s mind.  The image people have of you is the image you project.


We help open-minded professionals to unlock their potential for success in life, discover their Brand value and regain a sense of purpose.

We help to solve their key challenges to turn themselves or their team into a community which dramatically contributes to the bottom line.

Your Brand Is The Way Of Your Future And Business Growth

How might you take control of your career or your business and place it in your good hands?

The best way for you to asses all of this is to have one of a ‘Be the Talk’ session with us, during which you and us create a clarity vision for ultimate success, uncover hidden challenges that may be standing in your way.  An action plan is created and implemented together so you finally find the results you have been looking for and unable to achieve.

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